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Horse Racing Art

Tom Lund-Lack

Hello and welcome to my website and gallery on all things horse racing art.

I am an experienced artist whose work uses the power of imagination to find find the essence of the subject.  It is grounded in the need to celebrate life, and to portray the subject through the transforming power of colour and light. Arrangements of shape, line, pattern, and colour are brilliant at conjuring up powerful expressions, sometimes these can be dreamlike and at peace sometimes exciting and dramatic.

My work does not always represent an actual moment, place, or object in time. They are the result of a process of reflection, recollection, and reinvention, a distillation of experience.

Art is a very small word having the widest possible meaning; appreciation is a subjective judgement and no artist or work can please everyone.  My aim is to please at least some of you and I am very confident that this aspiration has been achieved.

If you are here and wondering why there is nothing to see, this page is only a landing page the full web site with a gallery of my work can be found at

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tom Lund-Lack Art via Email:

Tom Lund-Lack Art – Tom Lund-Lack

Everyone a Winner oil on board 122 x 61 cm (Sold)


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